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Now a great way to play the game CodeNames over zoom.

If you don't already have it, you should
purchase the Code Names game.
Click on the image at the right for a great price at
Amazon. It is a great game to play with friends.
You can play around a table or
play on Zoom.

Czech Games Codenames

In Playing CodeNames on Zoom, the players all need to
see the Word Cards. Many clever methods have been used
to try to accomplish this like using extra cameras.
My program handles this.
The word cards will appear and you can share your screen
on Zoom. All the same words, as found in the game, are used.
This program is absolutely free.
My gift at this time of isolation.

Yes, the program is free for personal use. It runs on all versions of Windows.

What does the program do?

  • The program will select 25 cards at random and place them on a board.
  • You can share your screen on Zoom where all players can see the board.
  • The cards come from the game's original card words.
  • You can add your own, additional words to the game if you like.
  • The program lets you mark the cards with colors as the game progresses.
  • You can post the game board to a web page. All players can view with a link. No screen sharing is necessary. (Premium Feature)
  • You can automatically create random spymaster color grid cards. These can be viewed with a special link where only spymasters can view. (Premium Feature).

  • The program is written by John DeFino, the Author of CyberBuddy, Agent Magic, BallroomDJ, Microwebmaster and many other online programs.
    He is also the author of a number of Andoid programs available at the Google Playstore.

    If you want even more fun, you can unlock the premium features of the program that will post your game board online. All the players can use a link to the online game board.
    No screen sharing on Zoom is necessary.

    The premium version also gives you the ability to generate online Color Grid Cards for the Spymasters (Clde Givers). The cards are viewable in your browser with a link.
    This means Spymasters do not need to be in the same location while playing on zoom.

    The premium features do use server resources so the cost for these premium features is $3.99 for a full year. (But remember, you do not need the premium features to have fun. You can still use the program on Zoom and screen-share the card layout with the free program.)

    Download the FREE CodeGame Program for CodeNames. Download Page

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